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2B Gamer is a You Tuber who used to play free fire and doing live stream and upload a video on his channel. He had cross 783k+ subscriber on YouTube 

        2B Gamer yt   his real name is (Sandesh Tamang) & his nickname is  Guru Tonde. He is 20 years old. He is from Kathmandu Chabahil. His is 1st year student. He uses to play free fire and he is known as the fastest player of Indian server too. But he is mostly famous for his voice and comedy.   He had started his YouTube channel for 2019 and   he is able to cross 783k+ subscriber. He used to do live streaming on loco tv also. He is famous in social media also. He had more than 13.5k follower on Instagram. His monthly income is about 1.5 lakh. He mostly used to play free fire with his fans and friends and he also used to play with other server players. And he used to do noob prank with random player and give a diamond to them. He is also the one of the best youtuber of Nepal with many fans and he is also known for the   supportive  YouTuber. He used to support small youtuber who are doing struggle.                                                 

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